On today’s blog, we will help you learn the best practices to sell on wish.The main concern when it comes to selling your products online is how to do it, how to make your page stand out.




The first thing to take into account when it comes to when selling your products online and as a first step on the best practices to sell on Wish is the shipping.

When it comes to sending your products, you need to make sure you ship your orders on time to earn badges, like the Wish Express and All-Star Shipper badge for your products. 

Wish has over 300M customers globally. Limiting your assortment to our largest markets would be limiting your sales on the marketplace. Consider shipping to more countries within the 70+ countries Wish serves.


Best practices to sell on Wish!


The second best practice to sell on Wish is having and improving your Product Listing:


Make your listings more appealing, and more searchable by optimizing your listings with accurate product and variation data.

Take into account that “If a merchant provides inaccurate information about the product they are listing, the product could be removed and the account could face penalties or suspension.”

You must understand the terms and policies about product listing from wish you can check it clicking here

The information you might need to provide when listing your products are:

  • Price
  • Product Name
  • Quantity
  • Shipping information
  • Tags
  • Parent Unique Id* (The Parent Unique Id identifies one product.)
  • Unique ID/SKU
  • Detailed description of your product.


Product Listing on Wish


Optimize Images:


On this list of best practices to sell on Wish we consider that images are one of the best ways to attract more people to your store.Attempt to give at least 5 pictures to your item, with the goal that the client can have more thought regarding what he will buy.

If your product’s main image is not interesting or compelling enough, they will be less likely to click on it.

Take into account that Wish, is mainly used on mobile devices; and was built up to make it more friendly in this format.

This means that what the customer will see first hand are the product images; the price of the product; and also the number of times the product was purchased. The Product Name and all other product info are not visible to the customer until they click on a product tile.


Boost your products on Wish



As the last step on this guide with the best practices to sell on Wish, we have Product Boost.


Product Boost is a native advertising platform from Wish Marketplace. Here you can run targeted campaigns on your products from Wish, to maximize your conversions and generate higher revenue.

Wish allows you to advertise your products through the ProductBoost tool. In some cases, you can even get credit for this advertising.

According to Wish statistics, when boosting your products “For every $1 spent on ProductBoost, sales increased by $4.68 on average”.

When using this tool you can create:

“multiple campaigns with multiple products over different periods. Boosted products move higher up within the product rankings if they are relevant to Wish customers. High quality listings are eligible for more impressions during the campaign period.” Wish

We hope this guide with the best practices to sell on Wish, will help you with your e-commerce journey. If you have not checked our blog with A quick guide on how to sell on Wish Marketplace, go now and check it out. 

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