If you are working on starting in the e-commerce world, you need this guide to start selling on Wish.

It is one of those platforms where you can start selling your products. Wish is one of the largest cross-border eCommerce marketplaces as the #1 shopping app on Google Play and #2 on the Apple store. Selling on Wish enables you to reach more than 80+ countries of consumers around the world. Here we will share with you a quick guide to start selling on Wish.

Set up your account:  

To do so, Go to the Wish Merchant Account Registration page, Enter your store Name, always try to make it unique. Once you register your account’s necessary information, you can start Uploading your Products by assigning the relevant categories. Then you can enter the payment info & select the desired payment gateway. Your products will be live once approved. You may also go to the Wish policies page to find more information. 



Wish Cost: 

This marketplaces only charges sellers with Pay when you make sales. When using Wish, please take into account they don’t have registration fees. No monthly or annual subscription fee. Zero product listing fee. Sales commission (up to 15%) which is calculated on combining the order and shipping rates.

Another important step in this Guide to start selling on Wish is Brand New Products: 

As per Wish marketplace’s policy, the product you are selling on Wish must be new and not used or refurbished. Only original products can be listed on Wish Marketplace. Another thing to consider on this quick guide to starting selling on Wish is that the platform will allow you to sell most items on its platform, including clothing, home decor, electronics, tools, jewelry, custom clothing and artwork, and more.

And some of the products you are not allowed to sell on Wish are the following: 

  • Alcohol
  • Bike and motorcycle helmets
  • Child car seats
  • Counterfeit products
  • Dangerous chemicals
  • Digital goods
  • Drugs
  • Firearms
  • Gift cards
  • Plant seeds
  • Pornography
  • Switchblades
  • Tobacco

Products you cannot sell on wish - Vallet

You need to be an Authorized Seller of a Brand: 

When branded items are listed on Wish, the marketplace makes sure that you’re an authorized seller. To protect both seller and brand owner, Wish needs authorization in the form of trademark, license, etc. You must also take into account that “selling products which mimic or allude to others’ intellectual property is prohibited. If a merchant lists counterfeit products, the products will be removed, and their account faces penalties and possible suspension” Wish.

Something you definitely can’t forget in this guide to start selling on Wish is Research the market: 

When starting to sell on any e-commerce marketplace, including Wish, it is essential to research the market and then select the niche you want to be focused on, browse Wish, and other e-commerce marketplaces to find out which products sell well and how they’re priced. 

This helps you choose which products to stock and how to choose the best price. 

As an essential step to be mentioned on this quick guide to starting selling on Wish we have the product listing.

selling on wish

Product Listing

Listing your products is a crucial step to ensure sales in your online business. “Wish doesn’t charge any listing fees, but new stores are expected to pay a $2,000 registration fee. According to Wish, it charges this fee to attract serious sellers with high-quality products and customer service.” Wish also charges a commission fee on sales of up to 15% on the total order. 

It is essential to provide all the information about your product, such as color, size, and the appropriate tags to your listing. It will increase your chance to be featured on the Wish Promoted Products directly. Also, you can find more information about what products you cannot list in your store here

We hope this quick guide to starting selling on Wish was helpful. If you want to find more information about Multichannel marketing, you can also check our blog about Multichannel Marketing: Four Mistakes to Avoid