Know all the Amazon changes 2020, do not stay behind and increase sales of your business.

Tackles Fake Reviews: Amazon will continue working and putting its force behind ending fraudulent reviews. This has been one long battle to overcome negative media attention. But, unfortunately, Amazon has yet to find a cure for its problems with fake reviews.

Amazon changes 2020

In a report released by EcomCrew, the platform identified the top methods Chinese sellers use to manipulate Amazon. AMZKungfu’s Zach Franklin told EcomCrew that, in his experience, 50% of Chinese sellers use black-hat tactics to get around Amazon’s terms of service. For Chinese sellers, “reviews equal sales.”

Some of the potential ways in which Amazon might fight this battle include placing increased importance on the Amazon Brand Registry and tracking the review velocity of products on the platform. Nevertheless ensuring the authenticity of reviews is a prominent one to watch closely. 

Changes to amazon ads: The price for advertising through the platform is likely to increase. Amazon is expected to cultivate new ways to make room for the growing demand for its advertising services. This means that the company is not likely to increase these kinds of ads and will be forced to find alternative routes. 

In 2020, experts predict that Amazon will give sellers more options to advertise and create even more customized opportunities. These tools are often beta tested, but sometimes the features show up unannounced. Brands should make sure to stay on top of any new features and check them as soon as they become available.

Another of the most important changes that Amazon will make for 2020 will be:

Amazon changes 2020

Amazon will tighten its grip on Buyer-Seller messaging service: Amazon’s Buyer-Seller Messaging Service is a tool that allows Amazon’s third-party sellers to communicate directly with customers who have purchased their product. Amazon will make communication rules more stringent since it has been making it difficult for third-party sellers to communicate with the customers who bought their product. The addition of a new feature that allows the customers to opt-out of the messaging service is neither helping the sellers to understand the customer experience. 

On November 17, 2019 Amazon sent an email regarding seller messaging. It included specific limitations on what sellers can and cannot say in their communications to customers. Furthermore, they introduced restrictions on the number of times sellers could request reviews and seller feedback

Amazon might be doing this because giving sellers free rein to Amazon’s customer base potentially exposes Amazons shoppers to manipulation, spam, and other practices by select bad-actor sellers, which clearly goes against Amazon’s customer-centric philosophies. 

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