Tumbalina is a greeting card company with an all-women design team led by designer and entrepreneur, Oak Atkinson. Their unique heart-warming, whimsical style and award-winning designs are created with one purpose in mind… to make people smile.


Tumbalina was doing well on Etsy and their licensing business but did not have a presence on the major e-commerce channels, like Amazon. They felt they had the right designs, right products and needed to get them in front of the right customers, sooner than later. Speed-to-market was important to Tumbalina.

Oak wanted to find a way to expedite the learning curve and create a short cut to successfully come up to scale on Amazon and not take her focus and energy from the actual running of her business. She was determined to come up to speed quickly and figure out how to get her products the right exposure given all the unique logistics and advertising options for each of the major selling channels like Amazon. 

After diligent research and much consideration, Oak hired Valet Seller to coordinate her launch.


Immediately, Oak partnered with Valet Seller and consulted them in every aspect of their launch, from product design to where to get UPC Codes. Valet Seller consulted on all elements of getting Tumbalina onboard Amazon and navigating unique opportunities such utilizing Amazon’s  Brand Registry program to build out a Tumbaina branded storefront

On the advertising front, Valet Seller used several different test cells and with optimized listings, launched the brand and their products into the e-commerce sphere, instantly increasing their online visibility to specific, targeted customers.

With the centralized Valet Seller app, we were able to simplify the entire planning, shipping and storage processes for Tumbalina across all their online channels, allowing Oak and her team to focus on product development and implementation.

“I couldn’t believe just how simple Valet Seller made this whole process feel,” Oak said. “I didn’t have make a million mistakes to learn all the ins and outs of Amazon and instead we could just hit the ground running, which is exactly what I wanted.” 


With the help of Valet Seller, Tumbalina was able to adapt their retail success on these e-commerce channels. Working with Valet Seller meant having a partner who knows the specifics and landscape of these markets. Tumbalina went from zero e-commerce action to $20K in sales in the first month of launching on Amazon. 

The forecasting alerts on the Valet Seller app allowed Tumbalina to easily plan FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) shipments, optimize storage, and synchronize inventory. Streamlining all the processes helped Tumbalina product listings gain many Amazon Choice Badges which in turn helped increase their Amazon FBA sales. 

As you can see from our work with Tumbalina, Valet Seller doesn’t just set your brand up on Amazon and leave you to it, but we help you manage your entire e-commerce experience. With us, you can automatically monitor sales, orders, and inventory in real time across all of your sales channels and generate meaningful reports to help you maximize your selling potential. 

In a nutshell…we make marketplace selling simple! Find out how it works, here.