Contributor: Andrew Michaud, Chief Marketing Officer at Valet Seller

While businesses in the travel and food industry seem to have taken the biggest hit by the recent outbreak, online businesses are not faring well either.

From declining consumer spending to disrupted supply chains, eCommerce sellers are facing countless challenges and many are struggling to survive the downfall.

If that sounds like the position you’re in, continue reading and let’s explore the most effective solution you have at your disposal.

The Biggest Blow to eCommerce Sellers

While declining consumer spending is definitely a cause for concern, it’s generally overstated in most categories. As more and more people practice social distancing and stay at home, the number of customers buying online goes up with it.

At the end of the day, while consumer spending may be dwindling in some categories, people are still going to buy the items they need and are more likely to buy online today.

In our opinion, the biggest blow to eCommerce sellers is Amazon’s decision to freeze non-essential FBA shipments. That’s because the vast majority of online businesses rely on Amazon to fulfill the logistics of their business.

With no new stock entering Amazon’s warehouses and no non-essential items being dispatched until the 21st of April, many eCommerce sellers are left scratching their heads and wondering what to do next.

Luckily, an effective solution is available in the form of 3PL providers.

Why 3PL Providers are the Ideal Solution

As Amazon has stopped shipping what it deems non-essential items, sellers are flocking to Third-Party Logistics (3PL) providers.

That’s because the right 3PL provider can handle every step of the logistics chain for your business during these tough times. Not to mention, you can also avoid other limitations placed by Amazon.

This is made possible due to the Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM) option on Amazon. The way it works is that your 3PL provider maintains your stock and then dispatches the items as you receive orders on Amazon.

Apart from avoiding the restrictions, you can also cut back on costs as many 3PL providers charge a lot less than Amazon for their services.

Furthermore, you can use the same logistics company to handle your operations across numerous marketplaces such as eBay and Walmart — thus allowing you to expand your reach substantially.

Put all of the above benefits together and you’ll see why moving to a 3PL provider is a no-brainer during these tough times.

How Valet Seller Can Help

Whether you’ve already listed your products on multiple marketplaces or are just looking to get started with multichannel eCommerce, Valet Seller can help you along every step of the journey.

As consumer spending declines and Amazon rolls out stricter policies, executing a successful multichannel strategy is easily one of the best ways to sustain, and perhaps even expand your business.

Unfortunately, with marketplaces approving fewer accounts and the challenges that come with a new account — managing, let alone expanding, a multichannel approach is easier said than done.

But the good news is, that’s exactly what Valet Seller was created to help you with.

Not only can we help you fulfill your orders on Amazon, but we can also help you secure instant approval on numerous online marketplaces including eBay, Walmart, Groupon,, and many more.

That’s because we already have merchant accounts on those marketplaces, thus allowing you to list your products in no time. Plus, you get a headstart by leveraging the solid reputation of our accounts on there.

To sum it up, you can avoid approvals, restrictions, and fulfillment challenges in no time by working with Valet Seller.

So if you want to expand your online reach, sales, and fulfillments — sign up for our 14-day Free Trial today!