Guest Contributor: Marissa Perez,

Open Your Small Business Up to Success by Competing With Amazon 


Think your business is too small to compete with major retailers? Well, if you care about the success of your startup, then you need to think again. That’s because staying competitive with larger corporations can be essential to long-term success. Doing so can also be fairly simple, if you have the right resources, tools, and information to keep your business competitive. 


Online E-Commerce Guides 


When you’re looking to compete with online retailers like Amazon, you should start by researching helpful information online. With one quick search, you can uncover countless small business wikis and e-commerce guides that will provide the tips and tricks you need to develop your growth strategy.  These guides can give you valuable insight into crucial business areas, such as growth hacking and advertising, while providing key information for improving customer service, resource management, and public relations. Armed with these sort of help guides, you can stay competitive with other businesses and ensure continued success. 


Project Management Tools and Skills 


Efficiency is one thing that helps set Amazon apart from other mass retailers and has allowed this corporation to stay ahead of both small and large competitors in terms of innovation and success. You can achieve the same efficiency with your own small business by taking a note from corporate CEOs and delegating projects, to free up your time for more pressing growth and development tasks. If you’re not ready to hire more employees, you can still get help with day-to-day operations by using freelance job boards to hire temporary assistance. Sites like Upwork make it easy for small business owners to find, interview, and hire contract employees to help with administrative work, graphic design projects, or even website design enhancement. 


Effective and Efficient User Experiences 


Consumers who shop with Amazon and other big-box retailers are typically looking for convenience, but they tend to get hooked by something else: user experiences. In fact, corporations like Target have built their popularity and success off of creating profitable and positive user experiences, both in-store and online. From social media campaigns to store layouts, Target is one corporation that has mastered creating a customer experience that is tough to beat. That doesn’t mean that you can’t create effective user experiences for your customers, though! Depending on the type of business you are hoping to grow, you can use immersive experiences, PR tricks, and enhanced checkout to connect with customers. 


Collaborative Small Business Connections 


You should also be concerned with wowing other small business owners. After all, these small business owners may be looking to stay competitive with mass retailers and corporations as well, so you could gain some helpful insights or connections for your own business. Networking with other businesses should be part of your overall local marketing strategy, which can definitely set your startup apart from national retailers. Although corporations like Amazon have the resources and finances to create wide-scale marketing plans, they can’t compete with local businesses when it comes to connecting with local communities. So use this strength to your advantage and create small business networks to boost your credibility and profits. 


Personalized Customer Service Standards 


By now, you may be starting to realize that small businesses do have distinct advantages over even the most successful corporate retailers. Whether it’s being able to quickly adapt to local or market trends with minimal costs or being able to take larger risks with fewer worries, small-scale startups can use these advantages to really stand out from large corporations. Enhanced customer service is another element that you can use to compete with business giants like Amazon. With fewer customers, you can provide the personalized touches and communications that Amazon cannot, which can help forge trust and connection in relationships with your customers and can keep your business successful and thriving. 


Amazon and other corporate giants shouldn’t affect your small business’s bottom line! As a small business owner, you have access to tools, tricks, and even advantages that can keep you competitive so you can stress less about having big business steal away customers and profits. 


Photo Credit: Rawpixel