The company

Melda, Nhi, and Christopher are three friends who love coffee, traveling and meeting new people. The three founded Kaya Kopi, a coffee brand that sells Kopi Luwak, the world’s most exclusive (and most expensive) coffee. 

The problem

Melda, Nhi, and Christopher all knew that they had a great brand, and launched a website to sell their coffee. Although they were bringing in a few sales from their website each day, they did not find it to be sufficient enough. They expanded to Amazon for a short period of time, but we’re having trouble with getting sales due to a lack of knowledge on the marketplace. 

“Being a bucket list item, we knew Kaya Kopi had a lot of potential for success. We tried our hardest on Amazon but just couldn’t figure it out; our competitors were constantly outranking us, nobody was leaving reviews, and we just knew that there was so much more to learn “

After months of trial and error and trying to learn Amazon’s complex system, they stumbled upon Valet Seller.

The solution

Soon after, Valet Seller took over the entire process of selling and fulfilling orders online for Kaya Kopi. Valet Seller registered the Kaya Kopi brand through Amazon’s Brand Registry program, built optimized listings across all of their trusted storefronts on marketplaces including Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Groupon, and streamlined their inventory tracking through the Valet Seller app.

“When Valet Seller initially contacted us, we instantly felt relieved,” Chris said. “Not only were they able to solve our issues with Amazon, but they introduced us to even more marketplaces that we never would have considered in the first place” 

The results

As a result of Valet Seller, Kaya Kopi was able to focus on further building their brand while having a strong presence on multiple online marketplaces with very little effort. 

“We knew how important it was to have our product listed on marketplaces like Amazon, but we just couldn’t get the hang of it and didn’t have the resources we needed to scale successfully. With Valet Seller, we were able to introduce Kaya Kopi into so many new markets and we quickly saw results. We were gaining more exposure, and more and more people were reaching out to us for exclusive deals and collaborations.”

Kaya Kopi was able to reach a 1210% increase in sales within just seven months of signing with Valet Seller. Not only were they selling on more marketplaces, but they noticed an increase in their website sales as well.

Like all of the brands we work with, Valet Seller gave Kaya Kopi an indispensable resource; more time. We let your brand focus on what you do best, and we’ll handle the rest.

With all the extra time they had on their hands, Kaya Kopi was also able to launch a few new flavors; Kaya Kopi Honey, Lam Dong, and Kampur. All of which are available on the Kaya Kopi website, and across all Valet Seller storefronts!