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Online marketplaces follow their own unique search algorithm when ranking product listings for a certain search keyword or phrase. Online selling platform giants like Walmart prefer keeping their search algorithms on the hush-hush. Because of the secrecy involved, marketers and sellers keep on experimenting and investigating how eCommerce SEO works.

The best part is that most of these sellers and marketers continue to share what they learn about Walmart SEO and other similar topics via their social media pages, blogs or podcasts. To help you improve your Walmart listing SEO, we created a short guide.

How to optimize your Walmart listings for search

As a Walmart seller, you must understand the fundamentals of optimizing your listings. This will allow you to increase your chances of getting more customers and selling your products. After all, products found on the top page results tend to get more views and sales compared to those found at the bottom.

For Walmart, the search algorithm used focuses on conversion principles. Hence, if your current listings can successfully convert browsing web users into paying customers, you will surely land on top of a product results page.

Here is how you can improve your Walmart SEO:

Write a clear and specific product name

The standard length for a Walmart product name ranges from 50 to 75 characters. As much as possible, you should meet the prescribed length. Additionally, you should avoid copying the product name from your Amazon or other existing listings. You can use the following syntax if you’re not sure what to write:

[Brand name] + [Key attribute of the product] + [Name of the item]

See to it that the product name doesn’t contain special characters or emojis. Whenever possible, you must also include the keyword you wish to target.

Upload high-quality photos

Clear and high-quality images leave a lasting impression on customers. Aim to upload photos taken in a well-lit environment. This way the images can highlight the key features of the products. If possible, you should also enable the zoom function so customers can closely inspect the item. Here are other key tips in when uploading a photo of your products: 

  • Try to include photos of the item taken from various angles.
  • Remove photos of add-ons or accessories that you won’t include in the listing.
  • Check Walmart’s image guidelines to avoid uploading images that violate the rules.
  • Opt for a white background because it helps highlight features better.
  • Never ever use placeholder pictures because they look unprofessional.

Write about the key product features

The Key Features section of a typical Walmart listing provides you the opportunity to convince your customers to purchase your item. It’s also an essential element that helps you rank on search results.

Make sure to include around 3 to 10 features and benefits of the items. Be as accurate and concise as you can when writing each bullet point. Also, avoid repeating details and using too many search keywords.

Work on the product description

The product description is among the main things your customers check before they purchase an item. Hence, you must provide all the details a customer needs to know about the product.

Product descriptions in Walmart are usually between 500 to 1000 characters long. Maximize this length to capture the attention and explain the value of your offer. Below are some tips and tricks you can use when writing the description:

  • Aim to write a descriptive, engaging and conversational copy.
  • Include the benefits and main features but avoid repeating what you wrote in the Key Features section.
  • Research on Walmart search keywords you can include within the text.
  • Check for grammar, spelling, and content duplication issues.

Pick attributes that are relevant to the listed product

Online selling channels such as Walmart make use of Attributes to filter out listings included in a search result page. Some of the common attributes you need to include when creating a listing include the brand, color, size, width, prize, and style of the product. See to it that you include relevant attributes or specifications to your listings.

Take note of these key steps and use them when creating your own listings in Walmart. These tips can help you improve your product’s visibility when a customer searches for an item to buy.

Once you’re done with Walmart SEO, your next priority is to improve how your listings look to your customers. This way, you can increase not only your online presence but also your conversion rate.

Here are some things you can do:

  • Offer competitive pricing – Customers would surely pick the best deal they can get their hands on. Hence, you should check your competitor’s pricing and find out how you can provide better value than them.
  • Encourage customers to leave their feedback – Customer ratings are crucial factors that influence a buyer’s decision. They help you establish your credibility as a seller. The customer feedbacks can also give additional insights on the product features and use.
  • Never run out of stock – Manage your stocks regularly. Here at, we can help you ensure that your listings never run of out stock.
  • See to it that you deliver items on time – Because who wants to receive their orders late, right? Check with your fulfillment team so every item gets delivered on time or earlier than the promised date.

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