Contributor: Andrew Michaud, Chief Marketing Officer at Valet Seller

Online shopping has become a massive industry where shoppers can get anything they want with the click of a button. There’s an endless amount of places to list your products, but deciding where you are going to sell them can make all the difference.

In today’s digital age, Amazon is by far the best place to list your products to sell them. Here’s why it stands out among all the rest:

Sales Potential

Why wouldn’t you want to sell to the largest audience? One of the most important reasons Amazon is a fantastic platform to sell on is that it has one of the largest audiences to sell to. When you list your products on Amazon, you will gain access to a massive group of customers that are already shopping there. Amazon has more than 2 million sellers from all around the world, who have sold more than 232.9 billion in net sales in 2018. With access to millions of online customers, Amazon is full of opportunities to sell the products they list. You definitely won’t be lacking costumers!

Repeat Business 

Amazon has a customer base that is already there that standalone stores won’t be able to match. Many times an Amazon seller will get repeat customers because of their exceptional customer service! Opposed to standalone eCommerce sites like Shopify, which have to spend tons of money just to let people know they are there, Amazon already has a reputation and a system that is known and respected around the country.

Back End Support

Amazon’s back-end has everything you need for your business such as credit card processing, inventory tracking, and sales tax collection. These tools are extremely valuable to your business, especially when they are selling products in multiple tax jurisdictions. It takes the pressure off of you to be able to take payment methods and figure out the shipment.

Free Referrals

Who doesn’t like the sound of free referrals? Amazon’s algorithm will show customers a list of recommended products when they are on the site. If a potential buyer is looking for a product that is complementary to yours you could get free advertising, and occasionally your product could grab the attention of a customer even if they aren’t looking for it.

Ease of Shopping

Choose any fast food restaurant you can think of and no matter where you go — whether it be Los Angeles or Glasglow, Montana — the food is always going to be consistent at each location. Just like these restaurants, people are familiar with Amazon, and how to use its website to shop. Unless a standalone store has a similar interface, that is just as easy to navigate, (good luck!) shoppers aren’t going to want to shop there.